A story about how this product was born…

i-meal was born from the feedback of Indonesian society, longing for tasty and healthy fast food at an affordable price.

Seeing the increasing busyness of Indonesian society today, we were challenged to create packaged food products that could meet these needs. From there, we formed a small team to start researching and studying Indonesian food seriously.

We began this research in early 2015.

Our team conducted surveys by visiting various authentic eateries in Medan, Padang, Jakarta, and Surabaya to discover the best flavors of Indonesian cuisine. Over the course of approximately one year, we experimented with numerous food recipes, exploring a variety of cooking methods, in our quest to find the perfect taste.

Our learning process didn’t stop at finding delicious flavors and the most appropriate cooking methods.

We continue to strive to produce food that is delicious without the need for added chemicals such as flavor enhancers, which are commonly used in eateries and households in Indonesia. We do this with a committed heart to create packaged food that is not only tasty but also healthy and beneficial for the Indonesian community.

The challenges for us have not stopped here.

Next, we had to test the formulations and cooking methods on a production scale and with the available machinery. We needed to ensure that the meat and sauces could be well integrated with the production equipment in order to achieve high-quality flavors. After numerous trials, we are proud to have successfully developed and introduced our inaugural i-meal products: Kari Ayam (Chicken Curry), Rendang Sapi (Beef Rendang), and Ikan Asam Pedas (Spicy Sour Fish).

i-meal was born with the hope of preserving the true standards of taste and quality of Indonesian cuisine.

Our busy and dynamic society no longer needs to worry about convenient and quick meals, as now they can enjoy i-meal wherever and whenever they are; just add steamed rice! We even hope that Indonesian cuisine can be enjoyed by Indonesians residing in other parts of the world, and even foreigners can savor the rich and appetizing flavors of Indonesian food!

Do you want to contribute to i-meal products?

Feedback, suggestions, criticisms, personal stories, or if you want to be a part of the i-meal family, please feel free to contact us. We highly value and appreciate hearing from you as it motivates us to deliver the best for Indonesia.